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        1. 圣大卫日 | 卡迪夫公学受邀,登台合唱歌祝。

          On March 4th, the St David's Day Business Reception hosted by the Shanghai office of the Welsh government. The students of CAVCSC were invited to play "Calon Lan" at the invitation and received a warm welcome from all the guests.

          3月4日,由威尔士政府上海办事处主办的“圣大卫日商务招待会”在浦江沿岸的璀璨灯光下隆重举行。卡迪夫公学上海校区的学生有幸受到邀请,在宴会中为大家带来动听的合唱歌曲《Calon Lan》,并受到了全场嘉宾的热烈欢迎。

          St David's Day, the national Day of Wales, is celebrated on March 1, and the reception is being held as part of the Welsh government's celebration in Shanghai.

          3月1日是威尔士国庆日——圣大卫日(St.David's Day),此次商务招待会也被视为威尔士政府在上海举办的庆祝活动之一。

          John Edwards,the British Consul General in Shanghai,said that the goal of this Welsh business delegation is to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with China.


          In the past years, more cultural activities have been carried out between the two countries. And he added that "A new international strategy is being developed to link Wales further with the key international markets including China. ".

          自威尔士政府与中国文化部签署谅解备忘录以来, 两国之间开展了更多的文化活动。他还表示,“目前威尔士政府正在制定新的国际战略,将威尔士与包括中国在内的主要国际市场进一步联系起来”。

          He also highlighted the milestone in education of CAVC opening a new campus in Shanghai and other places.


          Over the years, the Welsh government has been dedicated to the celebration of St David's Day in Shanghai, and welcome more and more new friends to celebrate it together.

          多年以来,威尔士政府一直致力于在上海举办圣大卫日庆祝活动,欢迎有越来越多的新朋友加入其中, 一同庆祝威尔士人民最重要的节日。

          Perhaps this is just a stage experience;another kind of feeling to the western culture; or they may learn something from it. Whatever the harvest, I think, this is the meaning of compatibility between Chinese and western culture.


          Finally,wish them a better performance in the following campus life!


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